Digital Inclusion in Maidstone

What is digital inclusion and why is it important?

For most people going online to make purchases, pay bills or to keep in touch with friends and family is almost second nature, however, this is not the case for everyone.

According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2019 there were 4.8 million adults in the UK, or nine per cent of the adult UK population, who had either never used the internet or not used it in the last three months. This leaves them digital excluded from the benefits of being able to use digital technology and go online.

People are likely to be digital excluded because they do not have:

  • Digital devices to use the digital services (such as no/limited access to computer or
  • Access to the internet to use the digital services (such as no broadband at home)
  • Digital skills needed to access the digital services.

What are we doing to improve digital exclusion in Maidstone?

This section of our website has been created to provide information for residents, businesses and charitable organisations about the support, digital skills training and computer access that is available to people living in Maidstone.


People with a disability are four times more likely to be offline. We can hep reduce that by designing our digital services to the highest accessibility standards of the WCAG 2.1