Additional Restrictions Grant

Additional Restrictions Grant Round 1 is closed.

Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) Round 2

This grants covers the period 2nd December to 30th December 2020.

ARG Round 2 is a discretionary grant targeted at businesses that are in one of the following categories:

Category A

  • Businesses operating in the sector (hospitality or leisure) that have been legally required to close;
  • occupy a commercial workspace within the borough and be unable to claim financial support through the LRSG as they are not the business ratepayer for the premises which they occupy;

Category B

  • Businesses receiving their primary source of income (over 50%) through the supply of goods or services to the sector ( hospitality or leisure)
  • occupy a commercial workspace within the borough and whilst not legally required to close have experienced a significant loss in income;

Category C

  • Businesses occupying commercial workspace within the Borough and whilst not legally required to close have decided to close due to it not being possible to open in a Covid secure way either due to the nature of the business or premises occupied;

Category D

  • Businesses classified as either a small or micro business (less than 10 employees), that have seen a significant reduction in income and have been unable to claim support through either the Self Employed Income Support Scheme or any other Business Grant Schemes provided by the Government and delivered by Maidstone Borough Council.

Category D is open to both home based businesses and those operating from commercial workspace


Read the Council’s policy including eligibility and award levels.

Time scale

The amount of the payment to be made to a business is at the discretion of the council and will be subject to demand on the scheme and available funding.

Businesses will be required to certify that they meet the criteria set out within the scheme and provide evidence requested to support their claim.

Due to the limited funds available there will be a fixed period for applications.  Applications for this round of funding, covering the period 2nd December to 30th December 2020 must be received no later than 7th January 2021.


Payments will be made shortly after the application process has closed.

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The application window for this grant has now closed.