Impact on our services

Last Updated: 19 March 2020

Where possible please do not post documents to us. Instead you can use our online forms or email addresses. This will help us to follow government guidelines and allow more staff to work from home.

Normal service


Normal service

Bereavement Services


The Crematorium grounds are now open - this includes the Flower Halls and Book of Remembrance Halls. However, the reception remains closed at this time.

For more information please see the crematorium pages.

Normal service

Bins and waste collections

Refuse and recycling collections

Our services are running as normal.

All recycling containers, bottles and cans must be empty before being placed loose in your recycling bin. If you have extra recycling, present it in a cardboard box alongside your recycling bin.

Please wash your hands after or wear gloves when moving your wheeled bin.

Car Parking

Please ensure that you park away from corners and in a manner that allows large vehicles into and out of your road. Poor access may affect refuse collections for you and your neighbours.

Bulky waste

Our bulky waste service is operating as usual, however, waiting times have increased due to heavy demand.

Tovil recycling center is open, but you'll need to book an appointment in advance. Find out more information on Kent County Councils website.

Bin deliveries

Minor delays, up to fifteen working days.

Some impact

Building Control


Applications should be submitted online and paper copies may not be processed as normal.

Site visits and inspections

Where appropriate, we will carry out inspections virtually, working with trusted builders to ensure that we can obtain the necessary evidence to confirm compliance.

When booking site inspections, our team will be confirming the following:

  • has anyone at the site been ill and displaying the coronavirus symptoms?
  • can the inspection be carried out in the absence of anyone?
  • For certain inspections we recognise that it may be necessary to attend site. We will request that all inspections are carried out unaccompanied. If this is not possible then strict 2 metre social distancing must be adhered to.

Some impact

Community Protection

We're still providing most services, although we may not be able to carry out site visits or inspections.

Council buildings

In line with government guidance, the council has completed a COVID-19 risk assessment and put measures in place to ensure our workplaces are COVID-secure.  We will continue to monitor our risk assessment and the implementation of the planned actions and their effectiveness, as well as following government guidance as this is updated.


Maidstone Market


Maidstone Museum


Maidstone Leisure Centre


The Link


Hazlitt Theatre

Normal service

Council Tax

Please avoid sending us cheques by paying your council tax via direct debit, paying online or using the automated payment line: 01622 602544.

Normal service

Electoral Services

2020 Elections

The earliest date for any election is 6 May 2021.  Please make sure you are registered to vote – you can register to vote online.

Some impact



We are not currently operating a face-to-face service for our statutory homelessness approaches.

You can find information about changes due to the coronavirus on our Benefits and money page or Housing pages and how to access support if you are homeless or at risk of losing your home. If you have a housing issue you can contact us directly via phone: 01622 602440 or email.

If you are homeless today and have nowhere to stay tonight please call 0808 1963710 this number is only operated during office hours and is for new cases, if you have an open case please contact you Housing Advice Officer.

We also have an Outreach service which supports rough sleepers, this service is still operational. Contact or ring 01622 683933 if you are rough sleeping or at risk of rough sleeping. This phone is not covered 24 hours a day as the team maybe working off site. If you don’t get to speak to anyone please try again.

Some impact




You can continue to work under current government guidance, should you have not been clear on that. I know that custom has pretty much fallen away and many will have stopped working for that reason, we just wanted to ensure that if your licences are coming up for renewal soon, we are doing what we can to allow you to apply and not have to submit new applications later down the road.

We're working hard to support a range of local businesses in these difficult times, in particular by assisting with the rollout of a number of the government support packages that have recently been launched to assist both businesses and individuals. The council is aware that last Thursday a further support package was announced aimed at meeting the needs of the self-employed and so it is considered that this would be the appropriate means by which the taxi industry can be supported whilst the operating environment is so challenging. Accordingly MBC is not able to offer any revised terms in respect of taxi licensing fees.

The authorities are no longer operating a reception facility so it is not possible to call in and see anyone. It may be possible that an officer at Sevenoaks will be able to (at a safe distance) hand over plates etc as we are still (for now) producing plates for renewals etc. Please be advised this facility is only available at Sevenoaks.

Renewal of vehicles


We understand that the garages have now shut that would do your vehicles checks.

MOT’s due to expire after 1st April 2020 have been extended by six months by the Government. Accordingly we will use your existing MOT. This may leave a gap where it fell due before 1st April and the recent closures, but if any fell into that period we will defer the requirement for the vehicle test for 3 months (and keep under review)

We won’t be chasing for 2nd tests on vehicles (because you can’t get them done), we will follow up later.

SORN vehicles


We want to know if they are SORN so that we can update records, but there will be no extension of licence periods etc because of it.

It’s possible that we may revisit this and give extensions or rebates against future renewal fees.

Renewing driver licences


Deferred Medical Certificates

Original documents for drivers or vehicles


There is no facility to call into reception at any of the sites to see someone with your documents.

You'll need to post them in to:

District Council offices,
Argyle Road,
TN13 1HG

There is an external post box at the entrance if you wish to hand deliver.

It may be possible to hold a video call with you to view the documents you can then take a picture via your phone and email this to us. We will operate a skeleton staff who will collect and scan hard post for processing, so your documents will be returned to you but as you will appreciate this may take a week or so.

New drivers or vehicles


In general, we will not relax requirements for new applications and will not prioritise processing them. We have temporarily ceased the knowledge test so cannot accept any new driver applications across the Partnership.


Replacement vehicles where driver urgently needs to replace following accident or similar.

Renewal arrangements will apply (re deferrals as above) BUT where it is an insurance company temporary replacement we will still require the fee – if a permanent replacement (from a driver) then renewal deferment options will apply. If you need this facility please note that you cannot do same day turnaround and will need to allow time to apply and be granted a temporary licence.

Queries or concerns


If you have any queries or concerns about the above please email

Some impact

Parking Services

In line with recent changes in the Government’s guidance relating to the Covid-19 critical care worker parking pass scheme, which was introduced in April 2020 to help and support NHS staff and critical key workers, a decision has been made to withdraw this concession from 21 June 2021.

Therefore, as of 8.00am on 21 June 2021, the MHCLG parking pass NHS/critical key worker parking exemption will no longer be valid in any car park or on street location and the applicable parking tariff will need to be paid, or season ticket obtained.

Normal service

Parks and play areas

Children's play areas and public toilets opened on 4th July but social distancing measures should be adhered to.

View our restrictions when visiting parks on our MBC News website

Some impact


Applications and Comments

You can make your applications online as well as make a comment on an application.

The current conditions may result in slower response times and requests for extensions to enable applications to be determined over a longer time frame than the statutory target.

Site visits and pre-application meetings

Officers will generally be carrying out unaccompanied site visits and pre-application meetings, however there may be some exceptional cases where an accompanied visit can be accommodated by this is only where Government advice, the Councils procedures and where necessary a risk assessment is followed. The case officer will advise you how they intend to carry out the visit. In very limited cases, due to the risks involved, some visits will be unable to be undertaken.

Normal service

Street cleaning