Vehicle Seizures

We are committed to providing a Clean and Safe environment for our residents. We aim to take action against illegal waste carriers and “fly tippers”.

The seizures take place under 2 key points in legislation;

  • Section 5 Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act 1989 – transporting waste without the authority to do so (failure to produce a valid waste carrier licence).
  • Section 33/34/34B Environmental Protection Act 1990 – Section 33 illegally depositing waste (fly tipping)/section 34 breach of a duty of care imposed upon waste carriers.

Seized Vehicles

We have seized the following vehicles in relation to these offences. The owners of the vehicle currently have 15 working days to collect the vehicle or the vehicle(s) will be destroyed or sold:

Claiming the vehicle

  • You must provide valid driving licence or passport
  • Proof of address. We will accept two utility bills issued in the last three months in the applicants name
  • V5 document
  • Valid certificate of motor insurance