Memorial of the Month

New for 2022

We are pleased to offer special discounts on our 'Memorial of the Month' when you apply for one of the memorials listed below.

For a beautiful granite or stone tablet, you will receive the first year’s dedication for free (initial cost of tablet applies). For our Book of Remembrance, pay only for a four line entry and receive an additional line (with emblem option) for free.

For full details or to check availability please contact Bereavement Services on 01622 602656.

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January Book of Remembrance
February Cloister tablet
March Barbican tablet
April Mushroom tablet
May Birdbath tablet
June Woodside walk book tablet
July Book of Remembrance
August Barbican tablet
September Mushroom tablet
October Woodside walk book tablet
November Cloister tablet
December Birdbath tablet
Examples of memorials
Book of Remembrance MemorialTablets and plaques MemorialWoodside Barbican
Woodland MushroomsWoodside Walk BookBirdbath Tablet