Residents at Maidstone cemetery

We have put steps in place to preserve grave space in Maidstone cemetery for residents of Maidstone. From 1 July 2022 there are different charges for residents (those that pay their Council Tax to us) and those that live outside of the borough.

Should a non-resident (someone who does not pay their Council Tax to us) wish to purchase the exclusive rights, the fees will be tripled for the purchase. The fee is also tripled for a non-resident if they wish to be buried in Maidstone cemetery.

Proof of residency is required at the time of death or the purchasing of the exclusive rights to a grave.

Exclusive Rights of burial or deed

When a plot is purchased you have purchased the Grant of Exclusive Right of burial or deed. Which means that you do not own the plot, only the rights to the plot. You can be buried here or give permission for any other burials within the plot.

Plots can have a maximum of three full burials down to 2.7 meters (9 foot) and once the plot is full, or no further burials are required. Up to eight sets of ashes may be buried. No further burials of coffins can take place once cremated remains have been buried.

The right is granted for 30 years, during that period the registered owner will have the exclusive right to request that we open the grave for the purpose of either a full coffin burial or an ashes burial. The only exception is when the registered owner of the grave dies. They have the right to be buried in the grave by permission of the next of kin or executor.

If the registered owner is buried in the plot, no further burials can take place and no changes can be made to the grave/headstone until the exclusive rights are transferred to the executor or the appropriate person, with the exception of the deceased’s owners name being added to the existing memorial.

Please check with us on who is eligible to be the next registered owner of the grave. There can be up to four owners on a grave. Where ownership is registered in more than one name, all registered owners must sign and request to open the grave. They must also sign to approve any memorials to be placed or for any amendments to be made to an existing memorial.