Tattoo and Piercing

To carry out tattooing, semi permanent skin colouring, acupuncture, cosmetic piercing (body and ear piercing), or electrolysis you will need to register with the council.

This is to ensure that businesses carrying out these practices meet with the essential hygiene and health and safety standards.

Fees and Registration

There is a fee of £320.00 per application. For an additional treatment there is a fee of £54.50. If you choose to register for an additional treatment at a later date you will need to pay the full £320.00 again.

For Tattoo and Beauty Treatment Events there is a fee of  £200.00. Tattoo and Beauty Treatment Event charge for Artists £25.00.

Registration applies in the same way to guest artists where cosmetic piercing, tattooing, semi permanent skin colouring, electrolysis or acupuncture occurs. Those attending trade fairs or similar events will be determined on a case by case basis.

Application form for Cosmetic tattooing electrolysis semi skin.

To make a payment please contact: 01622 602888 and quote the reference 961 CL40.

Tattoo hygiene scheme


The Tattoo Hygiene Rating  Scheme (THRS) is voluntary. It aims to help tattooists and semi-permanent makeup artists improve the hygiene in their practices.

Every tattooist still needs to be registered.

The scheme was launched in Kent on 1 June 2015. Research shows that over 90% of customers looking to get a tattoo would be influenced by a rating scheme.

Tattooists said they feel the scheme would give good practices the recognition they deserve and get rid of unsafe or unlicensed tattooists.

Aims of the scheme


The Scheme aims to:

  • Give people up to date information about the hygiene levels of different practices
  • Help improve standards and adoption of best practice across the industry
  • Reduce the risk of people getting infections due to bad hygiene
  • Spread the word for good practices using Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Create window stickers and certificates to show how clean and hygienic some practices are
  • Add the practice to the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health website

How the scheme works


You can become part of the scheme by filling in our application form.

Tattooists and semi-permanent make up artists will be assessed using a set inspection scheme.

Premises will be rated from one to four:

  • One: Needs Improvement
  • Two: Satisfactory
  • Three: Good
  • Four: Very Good