Grants and Funding

Household Support Grant

This grant is for local community organisations.

The grant of £63,000 is to help local community groups to support people experiencing financial difficulties caused by the pandemic. This includes those who may be struggling to buy food or pay essential bills this winter.

You can bid for any share of the funding. It'll be a one off payment and the amount you get will be based on your organisations individual needs.

What's covered by the grant?

It should be used to help householders with bills and living costs including:

  • Broadband
  • Blankets
  • Boiler repairs and servicing
  • Clothing
  • Energy bills
  • Food
  • Phone bills
  • Sanitary products
  • Soap
  • Warm clothing and
  • Water

It could also be used to buy essential equipment like:

  • Fridges
  • Freezers or
  • Ovens

Or to help with essential transport costs like:

  • Buying a bicycle
  • Paying for fuel or
  • Repairing a car


Applications close on Monday 31 January 2022.

Apply for the grant

If you have any questions about the grant or need the application form in another format please email

Community Resilience Fund

Logo for the Community Resilience Fund

The pandemic has gone on for a lot longer than we first imagined, deeply impacting our communities. Particularly those experiencing loneliness, social isolation or poor mental health.

We've launched the Community Resilience Fund of £160,000 to help local voluntary and community organisations recover from the impacts that Covid-19 has had on their services.

We'll distribute the fund in three rounds over 12 months. You can apply for funding of between £500 and £5,000. It's a one-off payment aimed at projects that'll benefit the residents of Maidstone. The amount you get will be based on your organisations individual needs.

The extra money should help support your work with residents, particularly those who may have become vulnerable because of the pandemic.

What type of projects are covered by the fund?

Projects covered could include:

  • Befriending schemes to tackle loneliness
  • Employability schemes for residents that have faced unemployment caused by the pandemic
  • Grassroots sports clubs who need funding to purchase kit and equipment for children to encourage increased fitness and mental wellbeing
  • Schemes designed to encourage residents to access nature for exercise and wellbeing
  • Support schemes targeting residents whose mental health has suffered because of loneliness or isolation due to the pandemic
  • Youth groups providing recreation opportunities for young people

Applications should be able to demonstrate:

  • How they will support people in the community
  • Who will be supported
  • How it will be delivered
  • What impact it'll have on people’s health and wellbeing


Applications for the first round of funding will close on Friday 11 February 2022.

Apply for funding

If you have any questions about the fund or need the application form in another format please email

Other Grants and Funding

Kent Community Foundation

Kent Community Foundation has been finding, funding, and supporting some of the smallest voluntary organisations in the county for 20 years.

It has distributed over £45 million to support thousands of small charities and deserving causes, where a modest sum of money can make a significant impact.

They're part of a UK wide accredited network of 47 Community Foundations, who are all committed to improving the lives of local people and communities. Particularly the most vulnerable, isolated, and disadvantaged by matching those who want to help, with those who need it.

For more information visit the Kent Community Foundation website

Kent 4 Community

Free to register search tool for helping you to seek out grants, awards and other funding which may be relevant to your organisation.

For more information visit the Kent 4 Community website