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Strategic Plan Review - Update on Priority Milestones


The Chief Executive introduced the report, with the review and revision of the priority outcomes for the period 2021-2026 as the first step of the wider strategic plan review process. Further reports would be presented to the Committee later in the year, which would include a report on the full consideration of the Covid-19 pandemic. These reports would be informed by two consultation processes with the public and Members, that concerned the experienced and lessons learned from the pandemic. The effects of Covid-19 on the local community and the Council’s resources has been significant.


The Chief Executive highlighted that Appendix 1 to the report summarised the feedback received from individual Members and political groups on the existing milestones that had been adopted for implementation between 2019-2024. It was noted that the Chair and Vice-Chair of each service committee had been consulted on the issues raised.


The Committee were asked to provide feedback on the scope of the report, and whether any additional considerations needed to be raised. Officers would then develop the proposals, providing advice, and options where appropriate, on the issues identified. The Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the service committees would continue to be consulted.


The Committee expressed concern that if Climate Change was made a cross-cutting issue, there would be less impetus on officers to consider the issue. The Committee also felt the expertise provided by the role of the Biodiversity and Climate Change Officer would be crucial to delivering the action plan, particularly to leverage in funding through Biodiversity and Climate Change grants and funds. It was noted that the Go Green Go Wild Campaign funding was time-sensitive and secured as a singular payment through the Business Rates Retention Scheme.




1.  The content of the report be noted and that feedback on the assessment and conclusions drawn from Member consultation on Council priorities to date, be provided;


2.  The feedback from Members concerning capital investment in section 2.9 of the report be noted, and that this forms the basis for officers to develop proposals for further development of the capital strategy and programme and for future organisational roles and arrangements, and to report back to subsequent meetings of the Committee, be agreed;


3.  The context for place shaping and economic development as set out in the report be noted, and that the service review briefly described at paragraph 2.15 of the report, be agreed;


4.  The issues which need to be addressed concerning the Council’s role in community resilience as referred to in paragraph 2.19 of the report be noted, and that a report concerning a protocol be progressed initially via the Communities, Housing and Environment Committee;


5.  The Council initiates dialogue with the Business Improvement District concerning current challenges and future investment in the town centre, be agreed;


6.  Officers, working at pace with the Communities, Housing and Environment Committee, will review the scope of work undertaken and resources allocated to the community safety unit, be agreed;


7.  The direction of travel on modernising the arrangements at the museum is now more modest and focuses on making the best use of existing spaces, be agreed;


8.  The Economic Regeneration and Leisure Committee review the contribution of the Hazlitt to the town centre economy and consider options for its sustainability, with the findings to be reported to this Committee, be agreed;


9.  The reduction of the priority of raising resident satisfaction with cleanliness, to maintaining it, be agreed;


10.The reference to individual projects are removed from areas of particular focus in the Strategic Plan, be agreed; and


11.Climate Change becomes a cross cutting issue for all services to consider proactively and that an officer is required to lead this work and be proactive in finding funding streams to complement the Council’s commitment, be agreed.

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