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Agenda item

Questions from Members to the Chairman


There were three questions from Members to the Chairman


Question from Councillor J Sams to the Chairman of the Policy and Resources Committee


As councillors we’ve attend briefing meetings given by developers on their proposals. We’ve have been able to obtain a grasp on what is being put forward and ask questions.


It has been a different situation regarding the Lenham Heath proposal. 


You confirmed that the document we recently viewed, some 24 pages long, was indeed that third iteration document of the Heathlands proposal.


Are you, Mr Chairman, happy that this document is sufficient for Committee members to establish a full understanding of the council’s position on this proposal, and where, to date, over half a million pounds of council taxpayers money has been spent?


The Chairman responded to the question.


Councillor J Sams asked the following supplementary question:


‘In reality, there is a strong possibility that there will be substitute Councillors attending Policy and Resources Committee meetings where Heathlands is discussed. Indeed, tonight there are two substitutes attending this evening, who will not have had the opportunity to view the latest Heathlands proposal. This decision, for this to happen in this way, has been taken and agreed by officers and lead Councillors. Is this sufficient to allow residents to feel confident that the Heathlands proposal is fully understood by Members who have not been given an opportunity to view the Council’s proposal and therefore any decision is based without full facts and maybe asking is a deliberate policy to allow it to proceed without the fullest scrutiny?’


The Chairman responded to the supplementary question.


Question from Councillor J Sams to the Chairman of the Policy and Resources Committee


‘Please can you enlighten us on the PR company to be employed to handle the presentation of this councils Heathlands proposal.


Previously a planning and design consultancy company had been employed to do the first selection of sites process end of 2019, this same company, we believe has drawn up a second 24-page document, "the third iteration proposal"


Can you tell us whether the PR company to handle this matter been chosen, with a time frame established, and what will be the total cost for this contract to the council taxpayer?’.

The Chairman responded to the question.


Question from Councillor M Rose to the Chairman of the Policy and Resources Committee


‘Within the plans for the Archbishops palace can I ask that consideration be given to again having what was called the Solar Cafe which was situated on the second floor of the building. This gave out from the room windows a very attractive view of that part of the river. I believe this in accord with thoughts of making Maidstone more attractive to visitors and residents and can be enjoyed year-round’.


The Chairman responded to the question.


The full responded were recorded on the webcast and made available to view on the Maidstone Borough Council website. The question and answer session took place between minutes 9:10 to 17:54 of the recording.


To access the webcast, please use the link below:

Policy and Resources Committee - 21/07/2021 - YouTube