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Urgent Update 18/5102287/REM Tovil Quarry site Item 21 Adjourned meeting

Landscape Officer: I note the trees have now been labelled as requested.  However, there appears to be no detailed landscape specification for the new play area.  I guess that this can be dealt with by condition if necessary.

Officer: The applicant has submitted amended drawings in relation to the play areas as detailed in paragraph 6.19 of the main papers to address the type of bench and landscaping. The revised details are now acceptable.

Amend recommendation

Amend Condition 3 to involve the amended drawings:

3)      The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following approved plans: 21156B-001A, 21156B-002B, 21156B-003L, 21156B-004J, 21156B-005A, 21156B-006B, 21156B-007B, 21156B-008A, 21156B-009A, 21156B-010, 21156B-018C, 21156B-019C, 21156B-020E, 21156B-021E, 21156B-022D, 21156B-023D, 21156B-024B, 21156B-025B, 21156B-026D, 21156B-027D, 21156B-028D, 21156B-029B, 21156B-030B, 21156B-031B, 21156B-032B, 21156B-033D, 21156B-034D, 21156B-035D, 21156B-036D, 21156B-037D, 21156B-038D, 21156B-040E, 21156B-041G, 21156B-042D, 21156B-043F, 21156B-044C, 21156B-045G, 21156B-046E, 21156B-047E, 21156B-048D, 21156B-050C, 21156B-051C, 21156B-052C, 21156B-060, 21146B-061, 2156B-062, 21156B-063, 21156B-064, MHS142.15-G01 Rev E, 4858-LLB-XX-XX-DRL-0001-S4-P02, 4858-LLB-XX-XX-DRL-0002-S4-P02, J40.76/04 1 of 2, J40.76/04 2 of 2, 12971-H-01, 12971-T-01 and 12971-T-02.


Reason: To clarify which plans have been approved.