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Scott Bernini. From: Scott Bernini
Sent: 30 August 2018 10:35
To: Licensing
Subject: Battel Hall - Licensing Application- OBJECTION


Good Morning,


I wish to object to the recent licensing application made by Leeds Castle on behalf of Battel Hall. I currently live directly opposite the main entrance of Battel Hall, on Lower Street. My house is a 16th century grade 2 built property with very little sound resistance to noise of any type.


The reasons for the objection fall under the following guidance, Noise disturbance, Opening hours, Prevention of public nuisance and traffic.


I have two young daughters whose bedrooms are at the front of the house and will be affected severely if the application was successful. Whether the music is recorded or live the duration stipulated by the application would cease some hours after they had gone to bed, causing deprivation of sleep. Since the original sound checks there have been trees removed therefore enhancing any outside noise such as music and intoxicated people, sound travels further without these. There is no or very little natural sound barriers to prevent this. The times set out by the application and the amount of events planned throughout the year will only encourage this. There will also be increase disturbance with guest arriving and leaving Battel Hall at unsociable times, either by their own transport or taxi. 


The governance of how the events teams will control what has been laid out in the application is unclear.


Kind Regards,

Scott Bernini.