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Appendix 4

From: Lorraine Neale
Sent: 31 August 2018 10:23
To: 'Scott Bernini'
Cc: 'Debbie Matthews'; 'SophieWelsh
Subject: RE: Battel Hall - Licensing Application- OBJECTION


Good Morning Scott


The applicant has asked me to make you aware that although they have asked for Friday and Saturday night amplified music until midnight. They will limit this to not more than 5 times in a calendar month and not more than 13 times a year. They are also happy to share with you their noise management plan and the measures in place to monitor and respond to concerns regarding noise at functions. The limit on the number of events can be added as a condition on the licence we grant, would this satisfy you ? If so let me know.


Kind Regards 

Lorraine Neale

Senior Licensing Officer

Maidstone Borough Council, Maidstone House, King Street, Maidstone, Kent ME15 6JQ

t 01622 602028 e w






























From: Scott Bernini                                 ]
Sent: 03 September 2018 14:37
To: Lorraine Neale
Cc: Debbie Matthews; Sophie Welsh
Subject: Re: Battel Hall - Licensing Application- OBJECTION


Hi Lorraine,


If the applicant could share the noise management plan that would be great. I will respond fully once I have reviewed this.


Kind regards,








































                                                                                                                        Appendix 5

 From: Debbie Matthews

Sent: 05 September 2018 12:15

To:  Scott Bernini; Lorraine Neale

Subject: FW: Battel Hall - Licensing Application- OBJECTION



Dear Lorraine and Scott


Thank you for your email.


Please see attached he noise management plan we have in place for functions.


I should be happy to assist with any further questions regarding the license application.


Kind regards




































HT: 23415                                                                                                          16 July 2018

Battel Hall

Outdoor Amplified Music

Noise Management Plan – Measures in place / to be taken


Amplified sound will cease by 0000 hours on up to 13 days per year, with up to 2 events per calendar week, and up to 5 events per calendar month. 

Maximum volume noise levels will be set during sound check prior to any event, by event staff using a Type 2 sound level meter.

Sound level not to exceed 95dB Leq,T @ 1m in front of speaker or any other amplified noise source (including musicians).

Loud speakers will be pointed away and located as far away from noise sensitive properties as possible.

Telephone hotline number (01622 767870) to be advertised to local residents. An email alert system will advise residents of forthcoming events.  Emails will be issued to the Parish Council and any other residents who submit contact details

All complaints to be logged, see attached log sheet.

At critical times during an event including sound checks or following a complaint noise levels will be monitored at the venue and or outside the most affected noise sensitive properties. 

Details of the assessment are to be logged, see attached sheet.

Noise levels at the venue should not exceed 95dB LAeq,T @ 1m in front of a speaker or any other amplified noise source (including musicians) to ensure a noise level of 43dB LAeq,15mins is not exceeded @ 1m from the nearest noise sensitive residential façade.  Noise levels will be recorded by event staff using a Type 2 Sound Level Meter.

The noise management plan will be reviewed annually or in the event of complaint and updated as necessary.


                                                                                                                        Appendix 6

From: Scott Bernini
Sent: 10 September 2018 09:14
To: Lorraine Neale
Cc: Debbie Matthews; SophieWelsh
Subject: Re: Battel Hall - Licensing Application- OBJECTION


Good Morning Lorraine,


Hope you had a good weekend.


I reviewed the noise management plan again over the weekend and have come to the following conclusion. The main reason for my objection as stated in my original email was noise disruption and the interruption of sleep that my family may encounter, especially my children. I do not feel the applicant has responded fully against all of the concerns I raised in my original email. I have simmarised below including the response to the noise management plan (NMP).


  • The noise levels stated in the NMP, 95db and 45db mean nothing to me and I have no way of understanding whether these levels are acceptable or not, nor do I have andyvisibility of the setup of either amplified or LIVE music. Does the applicant intend to run a test of the proposed setup between the hours of 20.00 and 00.00 in clear weather conditions before this can be signed off?
  • No response from the applicant in regards to the 100 guest attending and leaving the venue at unsociable times. Again I can only assume the route will be down Burberry lane and onto either Penfold Hill or Lower street, directly adjacent to my property.
  • For consistency as it was raised in my original email, the potential noise levels of the 100 guests attending the event. 

I also wanted to add that we support Leeds Castle fully in everything it does and love being part of that. With the recent classical concert and the lunar cinema we can clearly hear these events from my property as well as the fireworks and have no problem with this. My feeling is that the Battel Hall application is just one step to far in regards to the proximity of the residents.


















                                                                                                                        Appendix 7

From: Debbie Matthews
Sent: 11 September 2018 15:38
To: Scott Bernini
Cc: Lorraine Neale
Subject: RE: Re: Battel Hall - Licensing Application- OBJECTION


Dear Mr Bernini


Thank you for your recent correspondence, I can appreciate a more detailed explanation of how we plan to run functions at Battel Hall is needed and I am sorry not to have answered more fully before.


Please find attached our management plan for how we will run functions at Battel Hall.

I head up the team, there are two function managers and six function staff who support them in the set up and delivery of our functions at Leeds Castle Estate. 

It is a small team who are very professional and environment sensitive, these are essential requirement for running functions within a former royal historic palace as Leeds Castle.

The managers will work with the staff on duty and the guests to see the management plan is followed.

They will ensure guests are quiet and respectful of our neighbours and our plan is for our front line function team to escorted guests to their cars (much the same way we do at the Castle) where we use golf buggies to transport guests to their cars.

This enables us to control the situation and limit door slamming and cheery but loud farewells between guests as they depart.


It is true that cars will exit Burberry lane, in the main probably turning right down the hill.

If guests are leaving late in the evening, the traffic on this road will be considerably lighter than it is during the day and their access into onto the road should be quicker and smooth rather than require a revved engine as might happen pulling into busy traffic say during rush hour.


I have attached the original survey held by Hann Tucker, Consultants in Acoustics Noise & Vibration, I think that this might help to explain the processes the company went through to decide what level the sound should be set to for a function.

I spoke to John Gibbs, who carried out the work, and he confirmed the music noise level outside the closest property, has been set to ensure the noise would be barely audible at the quietest time of the event, late evening.


With regards to the size of the function, I have set it at 100 for an outside function as we have space for this number. In reality we are rarely likely to attract many functions of this size.

We have two venues on the Castle island; the Maidens Tower which is licenced for 80 guest has an average of 50 day wedding guests and the Castle which is licenced for 100 wedding guests has an average of 80 guests per wedding.

At Battel Hall clients will be able to choose the time of their wedding ceremony, here at the castle we are restricted by our day visitor opening times to a 4 or 5pm wedding.

The ability to start a wedding earlier in the day will mean the evening reception is likely to begin from 5pm or 6pm, this would mean the function would finish at 9 – 10pm.

We would restrict the length of the function to ensure guests were not drinking for a prolonged period of time, this is our custom in the Castle and it has served us well. 

I have asked for the maximum number and the midnight finish to cover should we have an exceptional event where the later time is desired rather than this being the norm for a function.


I hope that the level of detail given in my email helps to reassure you that we take the impact of our functions on the local community seriously.

We have we engaged professionals to ensure we can operate considerately and keep the disturbance to an absolute minimum and that we are experienced and skilled at managing weddings and celebrations and all the potential scenarios these can bring with them.

We will manage Battel Hall as we do any other function taking place in our beautiful and historic castle,  to ensure that they do not impact negatively on the local community or our reputation, nor the very special premises where the function takes place.


Thank you for your kind words regarding your family’s enjoyment of Leeds Castle, the events you mention such as the summer concert and fireworks are both large outdoor events promoted to audiences of 12,000 and 8,000 respectfully. The noise levels at these massive public events is very different to what we are proposing for the private functions we wish to use Battel Hall for.


Please do come back to me if you would like to talk through any of the details contained within my email or if you would like me to address and other concerns you have regarding Battel Hall’s proposed licence.



Kind regards


Debbie Matthews