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Land North Of Old Ashford Road, Lenham, Kent

Lenham Parish Council: Raise no objections and comments as follows:


“In the light of:


1.  the presentation by ‘Rogate’ to the Lenham Parish Council planning Committee on 19th September and the amended drawings presented by them.


2.  the amended wording of the Committee report (19/9/18) in respect of Clause 6 recommendation 1 item 11 of the Heads of Terms LPC is happy to withdraw its objections to this application now proceeding – in fact we would now commend its acceptance by MBC planning on 27th.


The developer has in our opinion worked hard in the last 2 weeks to accommodate in a most professional manner, the 4 outstanding issues highlighted by the MBC planning Committee.


Item 2 above clears the other separate LPC issue with the original report.”



Cllrs J & T Sams


In light of Parish Council response, both Cllrs now wish to withdraw their objection to the application.





My recommendations are unchanged