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Land to the East of Hermitage Lane, Maidstone, Kent

Representation (NAAG)


The New Allington Action Group (NAAG) has made the following (summarised) comments:


·      It is misleading to state that KCC Archaeology have no objection to the proposals as they request a Heritage Statement specific to Phase 4 and that no development should take place until a proper field evaluation has been carried out.


·      The Phase 4 area is the subject of known and well documented Roman and Medieval remains including burial sites and the St Lawrence’s Chapel.


Officer Comment


This matter is discussed at paragraph 6.37 of the main report. Condition 12 of the outline permission requires further archaeological work to be carried out on the Phase 4 site prior to commencement of development. This would involve further investigation and if necessary preservation of any finds. Whilst KCC would have preferred a Heritage Statement to accompany this application, the Inspector (and Secretary of State) were satisfied with the condition and as such there is no need for the applicant to carry out any further work at this stage. Condition 12 achieves the same aims of the condition recommended by KCC.




A resident has raised the following (summarised) points:


·      Suggest that a route through the development and along the woodland road for commuters etc. is signposted to discourage other routes through the woodland.


Officer Comment


The layout allows for direct access from the right of way to the south of site to the new road through the woodland, which then provides access to the rest of the development including the future community centre and school. As such it provides a clear pedestrian connection.  


To require signposting is not considered necessary to make the development acceptable (permission would not be refused without it), and so would not pass the test for conditions. However, if Members felt this was important they could request an informative for the developer to explore this.





My recommendation is unchanged