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Membership: Leaders of the five largest Groups represented on the Council. Quorum 3.


Purpose: To take any urgent Policy and Resources Committee or Council decisions (that may be delegated by the Council, where above the level of delegation to Officers) in between scheduled meetings and where the decision needs to be taken before the next meeting in order to protect the Council's interests.




All decision-making where in the opinion of the

Any  decision  that may

Chief  Executive  (having  consulted  the   Chief

be made by Council or

Finance  Officer and the  Monitoring Officer) the

the Policy and

Council's interests require that Councillors take

Resources Committee

a    decision    urgently; including virement

in between scheduled

decisions and decisions  to expend money from

ordinary meetings may

contingencies  and   balances   that   are   not

be further sub-

otherwise delegated.

delegated as considered






Membership: 12 Councillors (to include the Group Leaders of the five largest groups)


Purpose: To deal with employment and staffing matters unless otherwise delegated




a)   To consider the applications received for

Panel, as required from

the posts of Chief Executive and Directors

time to time

and to compile a short list for interview and


subsequently to interview and make


appointments (in the case of the Chief


Executive any appointment is subject to


confirmation by the full Council).


b)   To review annually the performance of the

Panel comprising 5

Chief Executive and Directors, to agree

Councillors (to include

targets for the coming financial year, and

the Group Leaders of

agree any corrective action which may be

the 5 largest parties)

required relating to the previous financial




c)   Power to determine terms and conditions

Head of Human

on which staff  hold office (including

Resources Shared

procedures for re-organisations and for


their severance and dismissal) and all


other matters concerning terms and


conditions of service.


d)   To act as an investigatory Committee in

Panel comprising 3

disciplinary matters for protected officers


e)   To act as a hearings panel as appropriate

For the three statutory

except any decision to dismiss the Head of

protected officers Panel

Paid Service, Chief Finance Officer or

of 3 plus up to two

Monitoring Officer which must be approved

Independent Persons

by Council.


f)   To hear and determine appeals against

Sub Committee

decisions taken by the Chief Executive

comprising 3

under the disciplinary or capability


procedures or to hear grievances raised


against the Chief Executive under the


grievance procedure.


g)   Pensions and superannuation matters

Head of Human

related to terms and conditions

Resources Shared



h) To appoint Members to the outside bodies assigned to the Committee and listed at Part 5 Schedule 2 of the Constitution and to receive annual reports from the appointed outside body representative.