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Item 14, Pages 14-61         Swanton Farm Bicknor


Ref: 18/501312/FULL



Quercus robur will be planted where it otherwise refers to Quercus rubra in the planting schedule. 

A clearer routing plan has been provided to accompany the s106 draft legal agreement.

The agricultural building being started is not this CAS. The client arranged for letters to be hand delivered to all local residents advising them of the intention to start the permitted development building with contact details for any queries.


Bicknor Parish Meeting:

·         Additional tree screening is welcomed

·         Need additional screening at the current entrance to avoid impact on the residential property opposite.

·         Work has commenced and applicant has not discussed what might be the best approach with local residents.

·         Construction causing noise and inconvenience to all in the village but particularly for the house opposite. A 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday hours of development must be enforced

·         Construction is adding mud to the roads- needs regular monitoring by KCC

·         There is no sign of action on passing points on Bicknor Road which are needed urgently. KCC need to enforce this commitment.


SWS: No further comments


Natural England: No further comments


Environment Agency: No further comments


KCC Highways; No further comments


KCC Drainage: No further comments


KCC Ecology: No further comments on the revised landscaping plan. There is no requirement for additional specific species surveys to be carried out.

Paragraph 175 of the NPPF refers to “opportunities to incorporate biodiversity in and around developments should be encouraged”.

The proposed Woodland in the NW of the site; Woodland buffer; New hedges around the wider site and New pond and wetland area could be managed sensitively towards wildlife, provide ecological enhancements within the site and connectivity through the wider area. A local species composition should be planted within the woodland areas.

The report has made recommendations to enhance the site for biodiversity.

A site wide management plan should be submitted as a condition of planning permission.




Construction has commenced on the building that is agricultural permitted development under ref 17/505779/AGRIC, hence there is no breach of planning control.

It is not intended that there be planning conditions relating to hours of construction nor to dealing with mud on the roads as both matters are controlled by other legislation and therefore should not be duplicated.

There is a suggested Grampian style condition relating to passing places on Bicknor Road but only related for the use of the premises, not during construction as that would not be reasonable from a planning point of view. However, KCC have been requested to progress these in the light of the concerns from the local villagers.

The suggestion for additional planting at the site entrance can be the required by an amendment to condition 18.

There is already a suggested condition 22 for biodiversity enhancements and a Management Plan for the site in  the longer term.



Recommendation amended


Amend Condition 18


The details of landscaping submitted for approval by the Local Planning Authority shall accord with the landscape strategy hereby approved and shall provide for the following: indications of all existing trees and hedgerows on the land and details of any to be retained, together with measures for their protection in the course of development and a programme of maintenance. The details shall include landscape screening to the existing entrance area and a wetland and woodland area on site to enhance biodiversity. All planting, seeding or turfing comprised in the approved scheme shall be carried out in the first planting and seeding season following completion of the development (or such other period as may be agreed by the Local Planning Authority) and any trees or plants which within a period of 5 years from the completion of the development die, are removed or become seriously damaged or diseased shall be replaced in the next planting season with others of similar size and species, unless the Local Planning Authority gives written consent to any variation. The landscape scheme shall specifically address the need to provide native species only.

Reason: To ensure that the proposed development is satisfactorily integrated with its immediate surroundings and provides landscape screening and ecological enhancement.