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Strategic Planning, Sustainability and Transport Committee

4th December 2018

Urgent Update


Agenda Item 14

Loose Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Response (Regulation 16)

This urgent update provides information to the committee regarding its role in respect of item 14 -Loose Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Response (Regulation 16). The committee are informed that:

         The matters relating to the Councilís role as landowner are not for consideration by SPST Committee as land ownership issues do not fall under its Terms of Reference. The consultation response on this element of the Neighbourhood plan will be submitted by the Director of Finance and Business Improvement under delegations already agreed in the Constitution.; and

         The response to the consultation relating to the Councilís function as Local Planning Authority fall under the delegated powers of the Head of Planning and Development†

Therefore the three recommendations on pages 48-49 are replaced with one recommendation:

That the Councilís response to the Loose Neighbourhood Plan Consultation is noted.