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Member Agenda Item Request - Review of "Access to the Council’s Service for Disabled People 2005-2006"



Some weeks ago I received a telephone call from a resident who is severely visually impaired regarding an issue to do with his bin collection and also an inappropriate comment that was made to him by a member of staff.  This was when he  requested, not for the first time, that he be given the details for bin collection via email as he has the equipment installed which would enable him to ‘read’ the date without other assistance.

I have been contacted by residents regarding a lack of empathy when dealing with disabled customers and I am concerned that we are not providing sufficient training to support this.

Both issues were dealt with, however, it did make me wonder when Councillors had last reviewed access to our services in relation to disability of all types both physical and mental, and checked that they were satisfied  in relation to this and that we could genuinely pride ourselves on equality issues.

Mrs Woodhouse reminded me that the Scrutiny committee had completed an in-depth survey in 2005-2006, ‘Access to the Council’s Services for disabled people’ but, as far as I can ascertain,   councillors have not done any work in this respect since.

I requested an item be put on the Communities, Housing and Environment Committee as the complaint was in relation to an environment issue and also because the Constitution states that this committee:

“take the lead within the council for ensuring that the council delivers its strategic objectives with regard to communities, Housing, Public health and the environment; to ensure inclusive and productive community engagement…..”








Desired Outcome:

My request is that, as a first step, it would be useful to see what has happened regarding the recommendations made in that in-depth earlier report and then consider whether this committee should do a further review to ensure this Council is not only legally compliant, which I am sure it is, but keeping up to date with all aspects of making the lives of residents with disabilities as independent as possible and ease of access in relation to the services we provide. 

I am also requesting that the training provided to staff for dealing with customers with disabilities is reviewed.

Thank you

Councillor Fran Wilson



Report Appendices


•        Appendix 1: Access to the Council’s Services for Disabled People