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External Board/Outside Body


External Board/Outside Body

Maidstone Quality Bus Partnership

Councillor(s) represented on the Outside Body/External Board

Councillor D Burton

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Councillor D Burton

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Purpose of the External Board/Outside Body:

The Maidstone Quality Bus Partnership is a liaison forum for KCC, MBC and bus operators.





-    Regular meeting took place on 24 January 2019.

-    Usual report regarding performance and other issues. One issue in particular raised concerns with safety at King Street (High St end) bus stops. Buses doubling up leading to passengers disembarking into road.

-    This Committee may be minded to review current number of stops in High Street/King St as a work item.

-    Park and Ride it was noted the service ceases in May and alternative propositions are awaited.

-    Bus operators reported to the QBP during a separate session.

-    Date of next meeting 24th April 2019