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Item 16, Pages 30-46                                                                        


Land South Of Forstal Lane, Coxheath


Local Representations


A further objection has been received making the following points (summarised)


·         Overlooking from proposed flats which should be sited to a location that would not effect existing residents

·         flats are not in keeping within the village  

·         overshadowing/loss of natural light to Wilberforce Road

·         do not want trees planted on the boundary which will shade or drop branches  and reduce security

·         difficulty maintaining conifer trees without access to the field

·         who will maintain the hedgerow that will form part of the car park





As mentioned in the main report, I am satisfied that the distance between the houses and flats on the western boundary is adequate to avoid unacceptable overlooking and shadowing.   


In terms of the species of the trees, the detailed planting plans are to be submitted subsequently and the species can be chosen that will not cause the perceived problems of overshadowing, loss of security and branch fall.


Access for tree maintenance is not a planning matter but in terms of the car park to the flats, it is likely that the management company would be responsible.