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Strategic Planning, Sustainability & Transportation Committee

5th February 2019

Urgent Update


Item 17 Maidstone Local Plan Review: Call for Sites Information Pack including a New Garden Communities Prospectus


This Urgent Update has 2 parts:

1 - New Garden Communities Prospectus sample

Delegated authority to the Head of Planning and Development is requested to finalise the presentation of the Information Pack documents. To give the Committee an idea of how the final documents may look, a sample of the style of artwork for the Prospectus is attached .

2 Diagram showing the different types of candidate sites

The Information Pack includes commentary on the different types of sites which could be submitted through the Call for Sites. There is a gap in the document for a diagram to illustrate these different types of site (Appendix 1 page 4/agenda pack page 335). The proposed diagram which is generic and not location specific is attached.