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Land South Of Forstal Lane Coxheath Kent

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Additional/Revised plans referred to in the report need to be added to informatives as follows


(A)        19/500667/SUB


1     This decision is based on the following documents/drawings: 7054/1065 C3 Pond Sections; Site Drainage 7054/1061 C9; Site Drainage 7054/1062 C11; Site Drainage 7054/1063 C11; Ph 3 Site Investigation Report; Drainage Statement; Drainage Report; Drainage Maintenance and Management Manual; Landscape Design Statement; 4755-LLB-XX-XX-DR-L-0003 Rev P07 Indicative Landscape Masterplan; PROW Specification; External Lighting Specification rev B; 14167-1-G Lighting Layout Plan.


(B) 19/502295/SUB


1     This decision is based on the following documents/drawings HD-0306/Rev.C2 (weatherboard); HD-0311/RevC2 (tile hung); 0302/Rev.C2; 0307/Rev.C2;HD-0308/Rev.C2; HD-0303/Rev.C2; HD-0312/Rev.C2; HD-0324/Rev.C2; HD-0223 rev C2; HD-0224 Rev C2; HD-0131; HD-0130;