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Item 18, Pages 97-107††††††††††

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Agricultural Barn, Little Griggs Farm Barns, Grigg Lane, Headcorn, Kent

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The results of the independent assessment of the applicantís viability assessment have been received. This confirms residential use of this building as the only financially viable option capable of securing a positive reuse of this building.† As such a key test of policy DM31 in assessing whether this rural building is suitable for conversion to residential use is met.

The applicants have also submitted an additional plan showing agricultural buildings intended to be demolished.† It is considered demolition of these buildings will result in a significant reduction in built mass giving the site a more open appearance beneficial to the rural character of the area while providing improved outlook and amenity for nearby dwellings that have been permitted.

As such it is considered removal of these buildings will serve a legitimate planning purpose which should be secured by condition.


Recommendation† remains unchanged subject to the following additional amended/conditions:

Amended condition 12:

Within 6 months of first occupation of the dwelling hereby permitted the buildings shown to be demolished on drawing no: RS17.53.SP29A shall (a) be wholly removed from the land and all arisings shall be disposed of at a icensed landfill site and (b) the land on which the building were formerly sited restored to condition to be agreed beforehand in writing with the Local Planning Authority. The restoration of the land shall be carried out in accordance with the approved details in a timescale to be agreed.

Reason: To secure a reduction in built mass to the benefit of the rural and landscape character of the locality and in the interests of residential amenity.

Additional condition 13

The development hereby approved shall be carried out in accordance with the

following plans nos: RS17.53. EX01, BP01B SP03B and RS17.53.PL01F† and SP29A.


Reason: In the interests of amenity.