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Appendix 1.

Community Protection Team Range or Responsibilities

                    Anti-social behaviour

                    Noise nuisance

                    Pollution & verminous properties


                    Public Space Protection Order

                    Issuing Fixed Penalty Notices

                    Organised crime groups

                    Gangs & exploitation

                    Supporting the Safer Maidstone Partnership

                    Animal welfare licensing

                    Safety Advisory Group

                    Gypsy/holiday home site licensing

                    Unauthorised encampments on MBC land


In addition to this reactive work the team also undertakes a significant amount of proactive and preventative work to safeguard the most vulnerable within the borough.  This includes, in the last 12 months:

·                     Implementation and management of the new Public Realm CCTV system

·                     Improved management of our Mobile CCTV assets and their deployment with Kent Police CSU

·                     Administration of the Weekly Community Safety Vulnerabilities Group

·                     Chairing the Maidstone Domestic Abuse Forum and supporting the provision of support services, including the One Stop Shops

·                     Co-chairing the District Contextual Safeguarding Meeting

·                     Participating in the Local Children’s Partnership Group for Maidstone

·                     Administration of the Police Crime Commissioner’s annual Community Safety fund, making c£15k of funding available to support local projects, including Maidstone Street Pastors and awareness programs for kids around gangs, violence and personal resilience

·                     Engagement with the Serious Organised Crime Panel to successfully disrupt 3 recognised Organised Crime Groups and to target County Line activity

·                     Obtained funding from the Kent Violence Reduction Unit for funding projects and initiatives including:

-      Emergency Trauma Packs for key locations around the town

-      A new knife bar and two knife wands

-      2 new rapid deployment cameras

-      Youth Safety Survey (postponed till October 2020)

·                     Supported the Outreach Team in dealing with entrenched street population, including the removal of a homeless camp underneath Sainsbury’s in the Town Centre.

·                     Hosting a partnership “sites of interest” meeting for complex sites with criminal, planning and environmental concerns

·                     Introduced a more efficient Safety Advisory Group process to allow event organisers to seek advice on how to run their events safely and reducing the need for meetings

·                     introduced new animal welfare legislation in relation to animal activities, including new processes for home boarding, assessing them against new criteria and awarding star ratings as follows

·                     Played pivotal role in the post lockdown “Town Centre re-opening” task force for both day time and night time economies

·                     Reviewed both the Town Centre and Dog Control PSPOs