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Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Committee

9th November 2020

Urgent Update


Agenda Item 15

Maidstone Local Plan Review Regulation 18 Preferred Approaches Public Consultation Document

This urgent update comprises two elements: Two modifications within Appendix 1 Local Plan Review Regulation 18 Preferred Approaches Public Consultation Document.

The first modification is to proposed Policy SP5(b) Development North of the M2/Lidsing.

Reference to the need for a new country park and wetland was included in error. To remedy this, criteria 8 of the policy will be updated as follows:

8) Environmental

a) A new country park/wetlands area around the Stour River south of the site and its ability to filter nitrates & phosphates arising upstream, having regard to the future operation of the Lenham Waste Water Treatment Works;

b)a) Climate Change

c)b) 20% biodiversity net gain will be expected to be achieved on-site

d)c) There are several areas of potential archaeological sensitivity across the site, and these should be surveyed to ensure their (west of the site) + other areas

e)d) FRA will be required

The second modification is to insert further text at the end Section 1 Introduction, as follows:

The sites that are currently proposed as allocations within this Regulation 18 preferred approaches document have been taken from analyses including information contained within a Strategic Land Availability Assessment. Matters such as site allocations, boundaries, yields and infrastructure requirements could change following further evidence gathering, including relevant discussions with developers/landowners, infrastructure and service providers, key stakeholders and statutory undertakers, as appropriate.