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210111 Agenda for MBC MCCF Coordination Meeting

APPENDIX 1: Role of the Forum

The Role of the Maidstone Cycle Campaign Forum

(MCCF) Draft




In 2020 the forum set its objectives to:

1.     Campaign for improved cycle infrastructure

2.     Encourage more people to cycle



Organisation of the Forum

The forum is a registered charity Number 1172691 and is managed by a board. The board is responsible for all aspects of the operation of the forum and its full membership is published on the website


The forum is supported by two observers from Maidstone Borough Council who are Councillor Lottie Parfitt-Reid and Councillor Clive English.


The forum has a membership which supports its activities through a small subscription.


The forum focuses its activities exclusively on Maidstone but is a member of the Active Travel Kent group which brings together all the similar cycling advocacy groups across the county and through this can work effectively with KCC at the county level. Members of Active Travel Kent include:

     Spokes East Kent Cycle Campaign

     Tunbridge Wells Bicycle User Group (TWBUG)

     Tonbridge Bicycle User Group (TBUG)

     Sevenoaks Bicycle User Group (SBUG)

     Maidstone Cycle Campaign Forum (MCCF)

     Dartford and Gravesham Cycle Forum

     Thanet Cycle Forum

     20s Plenty

     Action Vision Zero for the South East


     Cycling UK

     Living Streets

APPENDIX 1: Role of the Forum

Activity of the Forum



Contribution to Maidstone Active Travel Strategy

-       Local Plan

-       Integrated Transport Strategy

-       LCWIP

By working within the councilís consultation structure



Communication and Engagement to Maidstone Residents

-       Website -

-       Facebook -

-       Twitter -

-       Newsletters



Coordination with councillors and officers

-       On specific schemes e.g. Hermitage Lane Cycle Route

-       On specific planning developments e.g. Church Road

-       Contribution to council meetings e.g. Joint Transportation Board and Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Committee



Championing National and County Policy into Maidstone

-       Vision Zero

-       Department of Transport Local Transport Note 1/20

-       Active Travel Fund

-       New Highway Code

APPENDIX 1: Role of the Forum

Measures of Success


1.     Influence - be seen as a trusted and authoritative advocate of active travel cycling amongst Maidstone councillors and (relevant) officers.

2.     Profile - To be known by Maidstone residents as a key advocate of cycling infrastructure and cycling transport in the borough.

3.     Support - To deliver a practical contribution to strategy, cycle related schemes and planning applications.