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Agenda item 16                                                                                           21 Station Road



TN27 9SB


Following the publication of the officer report a further representation has been received from the occupier of a property in Chaplin Drive located to the north (rear) of the site The comments from the neighbour are listed below and are followed by the officer response.


Item 6.13 – Vehicle noise; we are already exposed to vehicle noise on some sides, to add another area to our South, of car doors banging and engines running, would have a negative impact on the peaceful enjoyment of our rear garden.  The development area is currently very quiet back garden which has been overgrown and is a haven for wildlife.

(Officer response)

* The proposed layout does not include car parking close to the rear (north) boundary of the site.

* The application site is located in an built up area with an existing commercial garage located adjacent to the eastern boundary that currently generates noise.

* The land is currently residential garden and the noise associated with one new house was not considered sufficient to refuse the earlier planning permission.

* In addition, the noise and disturbance associated with two houses was not considered sufficient to refuse planning permission.

* The comments come from a resident who is separated from the boundary by an existing house.


Item 6.20 – Amenity, At present from our front garden we get a sense of openness across this garden land to the back gardens of 21 – 31 Station Road.  This new development with its double height would block this and give a feeling of being hemmed in.

(Officer response)

* The loss of a private view is not a valid planning consideration.

* The potential loss of outlook to neighbouring properties including separation distances has been considered and has been found to be acceptable. 

* The view across the application site from the front garden in Chaplin Drive is across the off street parking area of 56 Chaplin Drive and only possible due to a metre high fence along a section of the northern boundary of the application site.

* This fence will be increased in height to 1.8 metres with tree planting adjacent to the boundary as part of the proposal  


Item 6.21 – The construction work will have a negative impact on the next door garages, car sales business.  Their vehicle valeting service and cleaned cars storage abuts the Eastern border of the site.  Dirt and dust will cause considerable additional costs and hardship to the business.

(Officer response)

* Nuisance from construction activities are unavoidable, however as this is short term nuisance this is not grounds to refuse planning permission.

* A condition is recommended (condition 3) that seeks the submission of a construction management plan that aims to minimise nuisance that is caused.


Item 7.02 – I cannot agree re the assessment of the impact on the amenity of adjacent neighbours. 

(Officer response)

* The potential impact on the amenity of adjacent neighbours including in relation to noise, privacy, and overlooking have been considered and with suitable planning conditions the proposal for a single house is acceptable.


There are multiple new housing development sites in the area and therefore in terms of numbers there is no need for this additional house.

(Officer response)

* The requirement for new housing is a rolling requirement and even where there is a 5 year land supply in place, windfall development needs to be considered and assessed on its merits.