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MBC Communications Team Summary Report

Support for Waste and Environmental January 2021 – September 2022

Press Releases: 

The MBC Communications Team has produced 13 press releases specifically focusing on waste services, recycling and reducing waste.

All PRs are shared to an extensive media contact list for local, regional, national press and trade publications. They are also sent to all elected members, then published on the MBC News page and shared via the Council’s social media channels.

These have included:

o   MBC on a mission to #CleanUpMaidstone

o   Get a garden waste bin for £45 a year

o   Changes to waste collection service

o   MBC obtains Mandatory Injunction to protect AONB

o   Commercial Waste Team on Jubilee Square

o   Maidstone Recycling Rates more than national average

o   MBC asks residents to step up recycling rates

o   Earl Street Blitz with One Maidstone

o   Council takes legal action against landowner

o   Maidstone Borough Council Waste Crime Team on BBC Defenders

o   Waste Collections hit by lack of HGV Drivers

o   Motorists face a new £120 litter fine in Maidstone

o   Litterers beware

Waste services targeted campaigns:

Working with all of the Waste and Environmental Services the Communications Team has created several MBC targeted waste PR campaigns.  To promote these we have produced focused social media messaging, Gov Delivery Stay Connected Newsletter articles and extensive design work.  These include:

o   #CleanUpMaidstone

o   Five Steps to Recycling

o   Bin the Nappy

o   Maidstone Town Centre Blitz with One Maidstone

o   #CleanUpMaidstone – Love Where You Live

o   #CleanUpMaidstone – Community Project

o   Contamination Waste Bin Hangers

o   Reuse and Recycling Calendar

o   Don’t risk it check it – Bin Contamination

o   Christmas and New Year Recycling

o   Taking Pride in our borough

o   12 Days of Recycling Tips



Media coverage:  

Through proactive promotion of the waste service, recycling and to help reducing wate the MBC Comms Team has achieved a wide variety of media coverage locally and nationally including over 150 separate published articles, TV and radio interviews.

We also use digital communications including the Gov Deliver – MBC Stay Connected newsletters which are shared on a monthly basis.  All waste services communications are also shared on the Council’s social media channels.

Some coverage achieved by MBC has included: 

          Broadcast Media:

§  ITV Meridian News

§  BBC South East Today

§  BBC Radio Kent

§  BBC 1 - The One Show    

§  BBC 1 - BBC Defenders

§  ITN News

§  Sky News  

Print Publications:

§  The Kent Messenger       

§  Downs Mail

§  The Sunday Times – Interview

§  The Times

§  Daily Mail

§  The Sun

§  Daily Star

§  Borough Insight Magazine


We have used a variety of advertising methods (budget allowing) for waste services which have included:

·         Global Advertising bus advertising 17 buses #CleanupMaidstone

·         30 Lamppost Banners print & fit changeover

·         #CleanUp Maidstone - Love where you live

·         Borough Insight #CleanUpMaidstone


MBC News Website:

The Council’s News Website can be accessed using the below link:

Home - MBC News Website (



Due to the significant volume of Waste Service-related Communications as outlined above, a few examples of the communications produced have been included below to support this summary. This has taken place following consultation with the Waste Manager. 

This includes:

Contamination Waste Bin Hangers

Insider Waste Tips (as shown above with the 12 Days of Recycling Tips)