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FOR THE FOUR MONTH PERIOD 1 January 2023 TO 30 April 2023


This Forward Plan sets out the details of the key decisions which the Executive or Lead Members expect to take and the non-Key decisions that the Executive or Lead Members expect to take during the next four-month period. The plan will be updated weekly for the relevant period and a new plan for a new four-month period, published monthly on the last Friday of the month.


A Key Decision is defined as one which:

1.†††† Results in the Council incurring expenditure, or making savings, of more than £250,000; or

2.†††† Is significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in an area comprising two or more Wards in the Borough


The current members of the Executive are:

Councillor David Burton

Leader of the Council

07590 229910

Councillor John Perry

Deputy Leader and Lead Member for Corporate Services

07770 734741

Councillor Lottie Parfitt-Reid

Lead Member for Communities and Public Engagement

07919 360000

Councillor Martin Round

Lead Member for Environmental Services

07709 263447

Councillor Simon Webb

Lead Member for Housing and Health

07878 018997

Councillor Claudine Russell

Lead Member for Leisure and Arts

Councillor Paul Cooper

Lead Member for Planning and Infrastructure

01622 244070

Anyone wishing to make representations about any of the matters listed below may do so by contacting the relevant officer listed against each decision, within the time period indicated.


Under the Access to Information Procedure Rules set out in the Councilís Constitution, a Key Decision or a Part II decision may not be taken, unless it has been published on the forward plan for 28 days or it is classified as urgent:


The law and the Councilís Constitution provide for urgent key and part II decisions to be made, even though they have not been included in the Forward Plan.


Copies of the Councilís constitution, forward plan, reports and decisions may be inspected at the Maidstone House, King Street, Maidstone, ME15 6JQ or accessed from the Councilís website:



Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings of the Executive which are normally held at the Town Hall, High St, Maidstone, ME14 1SY. The dates and times of the meetings are published on or you may contact the Democratic Services Team on telephone number 01622 602899 for further details.




David Burton

Leader of the Council

Details of the Decision to be taken

Decision to be taken by

Lead Member

Expected Date of Decision



Proposed Consultees / Method of Consultation

Documents to be considered by Decision taker

Representations may be made to the following officer by the date stated




Fees and Charges 2023/24

This report sets out the proposed fees and charges for Fees and charges determined by the council are reviewed annually, and this forms part of the budget setting process. Changes to fees and charges agreed will come into effect on 1 April 2023 unless otherwise stated in the report.



Lead Member for Corporate Services


21 Dec 2022





Corporate Services Policy Advisory Committee

14 Dec 2022



Fees and Charges 2023/24


Adrian Lovegrove


Head of Finance




Procurement Policy Changes

The Council has taken the opportunity to review and develop its policies in a number of areas in regards to the procurement of its goods and services.

The review has identified 3 key areas where we should be developing our policies.



Lead Member for Corporate Services


21 Dec 2022





Corporate Services Policy Advisory Committee

14 Dec 2022



Procurement Policy Changes


Adrian Lovegrove


Head of Finance
























Strategic Plan refresh 2023-28


This report proposes refreshed areas of focus for the Councilís Strategic Plan for the period 2023-2028.



Leader of the Council


8 Feb 2023





Corporate Services Policy Advisory Committee

18 Jan 2023



Strategic Plan refresh 2023-28


Anna Collier