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Item 17, Pages 67-78


Ref: 22/500119/FULL




Cliff House

Cliff Hill

Boughton Monchelsea



ME17 4NQ




·         Numbering of paragraphs proceeding 6.34, should read 6.35. 6.36, 6.37 and 6.38.


·         Further amplification on the requirements to meet Policy DM33 which allows for the change of use of agricultural land to residential garden provided that the land is not best and versatile and harm to the character and appearance of the countryside would not result is set out below.

Contrary to that set out in paragraph 6.14, the site is classified as Grade 2 land classification, which as set out in the proceeding text to policy DM33 is considered as highly graded.  Paragraph 8.10 of the Local Plan sets out that ‘Where agricultural land is highly graded (grade 1 or grade 2) and is functionally well located for agricultural purposes, such that future agricultural use is feasible, the council will seek to resist its irreversible loss to domestic use’

The proposal would result in the loss of higher quality agricultural land.  However as set out in the committee report at paragraphs 6.12-6.17 the wider proposed site is currently open to the original garden of Cliff House and has been for some time.  The aerial photographs at paragraph 6.15 clearly show the land being maintained as part of the garden since at least 2008, with outbuildings (other than that proposed) to the north-east and south of the land.  The site is enclosed by a mature hedge to the north and accessed from the existing garden of Cliff House.  Its functionality as agricultural land has been diminished over time and a larger garden, with the consequential loss of agricultural land would not be considered unacceptable in this location.

The wider site due to its size, position and intimate relationship with the existing garden of Cliff House renders its functionality for agricultural purposes diminished, such that it is not considered in this case its loss could be wholly unacceptable.

·         Paragraph 6.36 (second paragraph 6.27 on page 27 of the report) should read as follows (change highlighted in bold) :

The NPPF, Local Plan and residential extensions SPD all seek to promote the use of

renewables.  The proposal is for an outbuilding, primarily to be used as a gym, ancillary

to the main dwelling.  Although a sizeable building, with the low stand-alone energy

requirement, together with its proposed use, a requirement to provide renewable energy generation would be unreasonable and would fail to meet the statutory condition tests.


The recommendation set out in Paragraph 8.0 of the report remains unchanged subject to the

conditions set out.