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Accounts 2017/18

Meeting: 17/01/2019 - Cobtree Manor Estate Charity Committee (Item 60)

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The Committee considered the report of Mr Paul Holland which summarised the main points from the audit undertaken on the Annual Report and Financial Statements by the UHY Hacker Young, the appointed external auditors to the Trust. 

It was noted that:-


·  The total funds of the Trust had reduced slightly.

·  The Statement of Financial Activities (SOFA) included a deficit of £54,825 which reflected the writing off of the sum due from Mytime, the Golf Course Contractor. 

·  The SOFA also reflected a small reduction of £17,922 in the value of the Charifund investment and an upward movement of £35,194 in the value of fixed assets held.

·  The final value of the write-off of the Mytime debt within the accounts had reduced from £48,125 to £24,062 which reflected the value to the Trust of the in-kind services to be provided by Mytime as part of the settlement of the disputed sum.

·  The accounts included a debtor for the VAT due at the end of March 2018.


In response to comments from Members, Officers undertook to:-


·  Request that the Auditors remove the reference to Kent County Council under the ‘governing object section’.

·  Include the 17/18 visitor figures for the Cobtree estate on Page 4 of the accounts.

·  Discuss with Planning Solutions the use of ‘active greys, recently retired’ under target audiences for future visitor offers and request that they reconsider the terminology as Members felt this was offensive and not meaningful.

·  Amend ‘Tyland Farm’ to ‘Tyland Barn’ and check why this does not have a valuation figure against it.

·  Check whether the Gate Lodge and other properties on the estate are under a repairing lease.

·  Request Property Services provide an annual condition survey report to the Committee on the properties that are leased.

In response to an enquiry by a Member, Mr John Foster, the Interim Head of Regeneration and Economic Development advised that the planning application for the new Golf Course buildings was due to be considered by the Planning Committee on 21 February 2019.




1.  The Report and Financial Statement for 2017/18 be approved and submitted to the Charity Commission subject to the changes identified by the Committee being made.

2.  The Letter of Representation, as amended by the Committee, be approved.


Voting:  Unanimous