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Resettlement from temporaray accommodation with a pet

Meeting: 25/08/2020 - Communities, Housing and Environment Committee (Item 49)

49 Resettlement from Temporary Accommodation with a pet pdf icon PDF 58 KB

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The Head of Housing and Community Services introduced the report and highlighted that whilst the Council operated a Pet Policy in temporary accommodation, the Council had less influence in whether an offer of permanent accommodation would allow pets. This was in part due to the numerous housing associations that the Council worked with, which each had their own approach to allowing pets.


The Committee was informed that there were no other Local Authorities that had implemented a policy similar to that proposed within the report, which was partly why the Committee were recommended to agree recommendation 3.2 of the report which would implement a 12 month pilot scheme. The Head of Housing and Community Services explained that recommendation 3.3 of the report would likely cause an increase in Nightly Paid Accommodation from a lack of free movement from Temporary to Permanent Accommodation. Following its completion, a report would be presented to the Committee that detailed the experiences of the pilot.


It was confirmed that there had been no refusals on accommodation based on pet ownership in the current financial year and that the Council has over 80 temporary accommodation units.


Councillors McKay and Springett addressed the Committee as Visiting Members in support of the item.


The Committee welcomed the report and proposed pilot scheme within but felt that the wording of recommendation 3.2 of the report should be strengthened.


RESOLVED: That recommendation 3.2 of the report be agreed, subject to the replacement of wording to read:


‘Staff would be mindful of the pet situation and have discretionary powers to ensure that an appropriate offer is made’.