Harrietsham & Lenham Ward- Polling Places Review 2022

Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013
Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places
(Parliamentary Elections) Regulations 2006
Electoral Administration Act 2006
Representation of People Act 1983 (Schedule A1)

Maidstone Borough Council is undertaking an interim Polling District and Polling Place Review in accordance with the above legislation. The purpose of the review is to ensure that all polling districts and polling places are, as far as possible, effective, and convenient for voters and accessible to everyone.

The Council welcomes the views of all residents on the proposals, the (Acting) Returning Officer’s representation, and other issues of importance.

The Council is keen to understand the accessibility needs for polling places and welcomes the views of disabled residents and expert bodies.

Please provide details of alternative venues that could be used as polling places as part of your response.

Proposal – Harrietsham and Lenham Ward

To use Lenham Community Centre, Groom Way, Lenham ME17 2QT for polling district LB – Lenham North Parish.

Returning Officer's Comment:
Normally a small room within the public house is used for voting. Following Government Covid guidelines, the dining area was used instead. As the pub remains open to the public, and there are no walls to contain the conversation within the polling station. It will be difficult to maintain the secrecy of the ballot as the voting process can be overheard. Moving the designation of the polling place from The Harrow Inn to Lenham Community Centre will minimise the disruption for the pub’s clientele and improve the secrecy of
the ballot.

The proposed change of venue if successful, will be implemented for the election on 5th May 2022.

If you have any queries about this consultation, please email: consultation@maidstone.gov.uk

All comments received during the consultation period will be considered as part of the review.

Please note: This is a statutory public consultation. All responses, including the respondents name and/or organisation, will be made publicly available. Contact details will be removed. All responses will be available to view at the Maidstone House Reception or on the Council’s website.

Time scale

Opened 10/01/2022

Closes 20/02/222

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