Local Plan Review

Maidstone Borough Council has published the Draft for Submission version of the Maidstone Borough Local Plan Review and its Sustainability Appraisal for a six-week period of consultation.

The Local Plan Review sets out the Borough Council’s proposed vision, strategic objectives and policies, including the strategy for development and use of land within the Borough over the period 2022-2037. These are supported by strategic thematic policies, area-based policies and detailed site allocations, as well as development management policies on a range of topics. It also sets out how the Plan will be delivered and monitored.

The Local Plan Review is accompanied by a Policies Map that shows the areas covered by area based and site-specific policies. The Local Plan Review, when adopted, will be used to guide decision making, including on planning applications.

Further information regarding the consultation and how to respond can be found on our Local Plan website.

Time scale

Opened 29/10/2021

Closes 13/12/2021

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