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Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Cobtree Manor Estate Annual Accounts 2021/22 ref: 140125/01/202304/02/2023Call-in expired
Cobtree Estate Financial Management Arrangements ref: 140225/01/202304/02/2023Call-in expired
Cobtree Manor Estate Financial Position Report ref: 139225/01/202304/02/2023Call-in expired
Medium Term Financial Strategy – Capital Programme ref: 140025/01/202303/02/2023Call-in expired
Maidstone Local Development Scheme (LDS) Update ref: 139625/01/202303/02/2023Call-in expired
Property acquisition for 1,000 affordable homes programme (Staplehurst) ref: 139925/01/202303/02/2023Call-in expired
Provision of Cycle Ramp Off Church Road Otham ref: 139525/01/202303/02/2023Call-in expired
Council Tax Base 2023/24 and Collection Fund Adjustment. ref: 139425/01/202303/02/2023Call-in expired
Medium Term Financial Strategy and Saving Proposals 2023/24 ref: 139725/01/202303/02/2023Call-in expired
Property Acquisition for 1000 homes programme (Bridge) ref: 139825/01/202303/02/2023Call-in expired
Equalities Policy and Action Plan - Update ref: 139325/01/202303/02/2023Call-in expired