Polling station review 2019

Each local authority is required to carry out reviews of the Polling Districts and Polling Places in its area.

The Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 changed the timing of these reviews and the next review must be held between 1st October 2018 and 31st January 2020. You can find more information on the review here.

County divisions

There aren't any reviews taking place at the moment.

Community governance

What is it?

A Community Governance Review (CGR) is a review we can carry out on the whole or part of the borough, with the aim of:

  • Creating, merging or abolishing parishes
  • Renaming parishes
  • Changing the type of parish. For example town, village, community etc
  • Changing the electoral arrangements for parishes. For example the size of a parish council, the number of councillors it has, warding arrangements etc

Borough council wards and county council divisions can't be altered by a Community Governance Order (CGO). This is dealt with by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England.

Who can request a CGR?

  • Electors, providing they have the minimum number of signatures needed, can petition for one
  • Parish councils and/or local members
  • Us, if we feel it's necessary. For example splitting up a parish or creating a new one because of a new housing development

The process

  • We get a request and publish the details of the request in terms of reference document
  • It goes out to consultation
  • We'll then prepare a draft report for council, taking into account any comments received during the consultation
  • Once the final report has been agreed, we'll prepare an order to bring the changes in. This will normally be before the next election

Harrietsham Parish Council Review

In 2015 we reviewed the number of Parish Councillors. The number of councillors increased from 9 to 11 following the May 2015 elections.

Polling places

Polling District & Polling Places Review 2019-21

These are the results from the second polling district and polling places review:

Ward Old Polling Station New Polling Station
Headcorn Headcorn Village Hall Headcorn Baptist Church
Parkwood Christchurch Hall Langley Park Primary School
Shepway North Ward British Red Cross Centre Greenfields Community Primary School
South St Stephens Day Centre Archbishop Courtenay School