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Candidates and agents briefing

A candidates and agents briefing for the Kent County Council, Maidstone Borough Council and Parish Council May 2021 elections was held on 11 March 2021. You can see the content of the presentation on our Briefings page.

Where Elections are being held May 2021

For more information visit our Upcoming Elections and Results page.

Nominations procedure

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Nomination forms

Download a nomination form

Download a parish nomination form


  1. Contact Electoral Services to request nominations paperwork. Nominations paperwork is also available from the Electoral Commission website
  2. Complete the forms including two valid signatures from registered electors of the relevant division, ward or parish to support the nomination, making sure the witness element is signed too
  3. Book a slot to submit your nomination(s) with our Electoral Services team by calling 01622 602007. If you're responsible for more than one nomination paper, please let the team know so they can book you a longer slot
  4. Bring your nomination paperwork in an envelope with the name of the candidate on the front and your mobile number on the back. Your name should be on the front of the envelope too if you're acting as their agent
  5. At your allocated time come to Maidstone House Reception, which is on The Mall Roof Top car park, Maidstone House, King Street, Maidstone, ME15 6JQ
  6. One of the team will be in the reception waiting for your paperwork. Place your completed forms in the designated tray. We'll take them away and ask you to wait in your car
  7. We'll then process your nomination(s) using our discretion to make minor amendments to for example addresses, but we cannot touch signatures or make more significant amendments
  8. We'll call you to confirm that your nomination(s) has been processed successfully, or we'll ask you to come back to Maidstone House Reception to amend the forms or take them away again for signatures
  9. Once amended we'll repeat the process until your nomination(s) is processed

Other things to consider:

  • Legally you do not have to book a slot and can show up with the paperwork anytime up until the deadline. However if you do not book a slot we cannot guarantee we'll be able to see you quickly, efficiently and safely within the current Covid restrictions
  • We cannot guarantee your nominations paperwork will be acceptable on the first submission, so don't leave it to the deadline to submit
  • If we do not receive a valid nomination by 4pm Thursday 8 April 2021, there's no discretion to accept them after that date and time

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Telephone: 01622 602007

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More information will be added once available, so please check back to be up to date with our latest developments.