Agenda item

Integrated Transport Strategy


Councillors Perry, Willis and Harper addressed the Committee.


The Committee considered the draft Maidstone Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS) and the update from the Head of Planning and Development who confirmed the report was for noting.  Issues raised by Members would be noted.


The following issues were raised and noted:


·  A request for more detail on the phasing of the strategy – when/what infrastructure and how it will be funded

·  Inclusion of a section on School Travel Plans

·  Thorough cumulative impact assessments to be carried out

·  Clarity of the review process for the ITS – that if adopted in 2016 details of work to be carried out by officers and reported to members in the preceding 5 years leading to 2022 in order for a review to take place

·  Change the wording on page 44 (3.3) regarding the Objectively Assessed Housing Need – should not read “the Maidstone Borough LP will meet in full the identified OAN of 18,560…”

·  Action plans to be more aspirational – include SMART targets

·  Include measures to encourage the use of electric cars

·  Ensure the ITS covers the whole of the Borough and not just focus on one area of concern

Park and Ride


·  Remove any reference to Park and Ride

·  Include information on the alternative to Park  and Ride – including a short term strategy from February 2016 when the Sittingbourne Road site closes



·  Consider the use of Section 106 contributions to subsidise rural bus routes and improve reliability

·  Consider the use of Section 106 contributions to improve/increase electric signage and not rely on just mobile apps for real-time service information

·  Consider the use of Section 106 contributions for bus shelters

·  Improvements to parking enforcement to reduce the impact on bus reliability

·  Improvements to Maidstone Bus Station



·  Do not refer to specific bus operators – aim to work with all operators

·  Emphasise the work with Kent County Council (KCC) and bus operators on improving services

·  Investigate extending the existing 6X service between Maidstone and Pembury hospitals into the town centres to reduce congestion on A26

·  Work with KCC and Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council to implement bus prioritisation measures along the A26 to help improve the frequency of services to and from Maidstone

·  Investigate using rail station car parks in the Rural Service Centres for buses to pull into to pick up passengers, using Section 106 contributions where appropriate


·  Investigate the possibility of using the funds provided for a bridge over the Medway Valley Line at Tovil to replace with a halt instead

·  Include a reference to a halt in Tovil to protect the area from development

·  Investigate rail halts at Teston and Allington

·  Include clear signage for getting from Maidstone East rail station to Maidstone West rails station– and vice versa

·  Include aspirations for a rail link to Gatwick



·  Make targets more ambitious

·  Week Street proposal to be open to cyclists only during certain times – 8pm to 8am too restrictive – consider 6pm to 9am

·  Include additional policy to look at opportunities for road closures and contraflows to accommodate cycling

·  Include the joining up of cycle routes in the action plan



·  Clarify situation regarding proposals for the closure of Cranbourne Avenue at the Wheatsheaf Junction

·  Clarify what is meant by bus priority measures

·  Include junction improvements on the A229 in Tovil

·  Signal intention for a Leeds/Langley relief

·  Include improvements to the junction at the bottom of Willington Street

The Committee requested further details of the following:


1.  Cranbourne Avenue measures to be clarified via email to all Committee Members following the Maidstone Joint Transport Board meeting on 7 December 2015.


2.  The headlines of the consultant’s report on the corridor analysis suggesting highway improvements (such as bus prioritisation) to be shared with the Committee Members on or before the meeting on 14 December 2015.


3.  The three Section 106deeds in relation to the major sites along Sutton Road which are contributing towards bus prioritisation and highways improvements to the A274 corridor be provided to Committee Members.





That the Committee note the draft Integrated Transport Strategy.



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