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Cobtree Manor Park Golf Course Development Works


The Leisure Manager introduced his report providing an update on MyTime Active’s plans to build a new clubhouse at Cobtree Manor Park and seeking the Committee’s agreement to the amendment of the contract, lease and any other ancillary documentation to facilitate the refurbishment and extension of the existing clubhouse instead of building a new facility.


It was noted that:


·  MyTime Active had been operating the Golf Course under the current contract since 1 September 2017.  The contract required MyTime Active to invest the contract capital sum in a brand new clubhouse building, course improvements, driving range and facility improvements.


·  Planning permission was granted by Maidstone Borough Council in February 2019, but the construction of the new-build clubhouse had been complicated by its location on the site.  Ancient Woodland close to the intended location had resulted in the identification of a new location adjacent to the existing clubhouse, but there were drainage complications associated with the new location requiring additional piling work which had led to increased construction costs.


·  Work had been done to re-profile the construction budget and deliver the scheme but this reduced the footprint and specification of the building to such an extent that pressure would be put on future income streams.


·  MyTime Active was no longer in a position to deliver the new clubhouse because the capital costs were greater than forecast and greater than the capital sum identified in the contract.  The company had incurred considerable costs to date, and the forecast return on the investment would make the investment unviable.


·  MyTime was proposing the refurbishment and extension of the existing clubhouse as an alternative solution.  This would bring improved facilities to the site in a cost effective way and protect the financial operations of the site and the annual payments generated for the Council.


Representatives of MyTime Active attended the meeting to present their revised proposals, including indicative plans which could be subject to change.  It was noted that the opportunity would be taken to review the facility mix/proposition and the potential relocation of the driving range.

The company would honour the same contract capital sum and rental commitments, but the timetable was challenging.  Discussions would take place with both local planning authorities as to whether planning permission was required for the revised scheme.


The Committee accepted the need to move forward, but requested regular updates.




1.  That approval be given for the capital sum in the current contract with MyTime Active to be invested into a refurbishment of the existing clubhouse building, with new extension, at Cobtree Manor Park Golf Course instead of being invested in a new clubhouse building.


2.  That a waiver of the requirement to enter into a competitive procurement process for the contract to manage Cobtree Manor Park Golf Course be presented to and approved by the Director of Finance and Business Improvement before the actions in paragraph 3 below are undertaken.


3.  That authority be given to the Director of Regeneration and Place to instruct Mid-Kent Legal Services to amend the contract and lease thus incorporating the changes approved in paragraph 1 above and for the amended contract, lease and any other ancillary documents to be entered into by the Council.


4.  That regular updates be submitted to the Committee on the progress with regard to the Golf Course development works.


Supporting documents: