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Maidstone Leisure Centre


The Leisure Manager introduced the report and explained that the future of Maidstone Leisure Centre was a key part of the Making Maidstone More Active initiative. Social, environmental and financial factors needed to be considered, and the three core options identified were to repeat, which would involve keeping the current arrangements in place; refurbish the building; and redevelop the centre.


The Committee provided feedback on the options presented within the report, and suggestions included bringing in other services to the sports centre, for example health and community facilities, which had been a successful model in other areas. It was acknowledged that centres which had been redeveloped had increased their footfall dramatically, but more detail was requested on the financial impact of the options. Further options were proposed including the use of land in Mote Park to build a new sports centre with the current leisure centre site used for a theatre and distributing facilities more widely across the Borough to improve access to leisure activities.


In response to comments, the Leisure Manager agreed that further modelling on borrowing costs would be included in the next report outlining the balance between revenue and capital costs. As swimming facilities were expensive to run, it was considered more financially viable to have them on the same site as gym facilities. 


RESOLVED: That the feedback be used to inform a further report to the Committee with more detailed proposals on the future of Maidstone Leisure Centre.

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