Issue - decisions

MBLP Policy DM11 Open Space and Recreation

16/07/2015 - Report of the Head of Planning and Development - MBLP Policy DM11 Open Space and Recreation

1)  That the proposed Open Space Standards for inclusion in Policy DM11 of the Maidstone Borough Local Plan for Regulation 18 consultation be approved;

2)  That the amendments to Policy DM11 and supporting text for Regulation 18 Consultation be approved subject to:

(a)  further amendments to the supporting text in relation to
  small sites of less than 0.1 of a hectare, where no open space
  is being provided and it can be proven that none can be
  provided, the relationship between structural landscaping and
  open space be considered and that there should be significant
  structural landscaping to compensate for the non-provision of
  open space; and

(b)  that the definition as set out in paragraph 11.54 (b) of the
  Policy be broadened and no preference be indicated for
  limited companies.