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Strategic Plan 2015-20, Update 2017-18

20/01/2017 - Report of the Head of Policy and Communications - Strategic Plan 2015-20, Update 2017-18

1.  That the following amendments to the draft Strategic Plan 2015-20, 2017-18 Update be made:-



As presented


Committee’s amendments

(additions in bold)

Regenerating the Town Centre Enhancing the appeal of the town centre for everyone


First Paragraph


Maidstone has had an historically thriving town centre, however we need to ensure that we keep pace with the changing economic environment and continue to meet the demands of businesses, residents and consumers.  Investment in Maidstone town centre is needed if it is to continue to be a popular place for leisure, to live, shop and work. A diverse and thriving town centre requires a full range of business, retail and cultural investment to support them.


We will

Delete: Deliver the Town Centre Development Plan

Insert: Deliver the Housing and Regeneration Strategy

Promoting a range of employment skills and opportunities across the borough


We mean

Aiming to meet the skills and employment need of our residents and employers

Insert: Supporting existing business and attracting new business to the borough



2.  That the Key Performance Indicators for the action areas be considered by each Service Committee following the finalisation and adoption of the Strategic Plan 2015-20, 2017-18 update.