Agenda Frontsheet 24/02/2015, 18.30



Economic and Commercial Development Overview & Scrutiny Committee Meeting



Date:        Tuesday 24 February 2015

Time:        6.30 pm

Venue:      Town Hall, High Street, Maidstone




Councillors: Butler (Vice-Chairman), Cuming, Fissenden, Harper, Mrs Hinder, Hogg, Paterson (Chairman), Powell and Mrs Wilson



Overview and Scrutiny




Page No.


1.       The Committee to consider whether all items on the agenda should be webcast




2.       Apologies




3.       Notification of Substitute Members




4.       Notification of Visiting Members




5.       Disclosures by Members and Officers




6.       To consider whether any items should be taken in private because of the possible disclosure of exempt information




7.       Minutes of the Meeting held on 27 January 2015

1 - 6



8.       Careers Advice and Guidance Review

7 - 12


Interviews with:


·         Paul Barron, Director of Kent Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs


·         Alan Reading of South Maidstone Business Association and Lenham Valley Business Association





9.       Future Work Programme

13 - 24




To move that the public be excluded for the items set out in Part II of the Agenda because of the likely disclosure of exempt information for the reasons specified having applied the Public Interest Test.


Head of Schedule 12 A and Brief Description




Head of Schedule 12A and Brief Decription




Exempt Appendix: SCRAIP Update

3: Financial/Business Affairs

25 - 27


























The reports included in Part I of this agenda can be made available in alternative formats. For further information about this service, or to arrange for special facilities to be provided at the meeting, please contact     Sam Bailey on 01622 602263. To find out more about the work of the Overview and Scrutiny Committees, please visit