Agenda Frontsheet 19/01/2016, 17.00



Strategic Planning, Sustainability and Transportation Committee MEETING



Date:   Tuesday 19 January 2016

Time:   5.00 pm

Venue: Town Hall, High Street,             Maidstone




Councillors  Burton (Chairman), English, Mrs Gooch, Mrs Grigg, D Mortimer, Paine, Springett, de Wiggondene and Mrs Wilson







Page No.


1.        Apologies for Absence




2.        Notification of Substitute Members




3.        Notification of Visiting Members




4.        Disclosures by Members and Officers




5.        Disclosures of Lobbying




6.        Urgent Items




7.        Presentation of Petitions (if any)




8.        Questions and answer session for members of the public




9.        To consider whether any items should be taken in private because of the possible disclosure of exempt information




10.    North Loose Neighbourhood Development Plan

1 - 40



11.    Report of the Head of Policy and Communications - Strategic Plan 2015-20 refresh

41 - 58



12.    Report of the Head of Finance and Resources - Medium Term Financial Strategy 2016-17 Onwards - Fees and Charges

59 - 77



13.    Medium Term Financial Strategy 2016-17 Onwards - Final Update

78 - 89