Agenda Frontsheet 03/01/2017, 18.30



ADJOURNED Policy and Resources Committee MEETING



Date:   Tuesday 3 January 2017

Time:   6.30 pm

Venue: Town Hall, High Street,




Councillors  Mrs Blackmore (Vice-Chairman), Boughton, Brice, Cox, Fermor, Garland, Mrs Gooch, Harper, Harvey, Harwood, McLoughlin, Pickett, Powell, Round and Mrs Wilson (Chairman)







Page No.


1.        Apologies for Absence




2.        Notification of Substitute Members




3.        Notification of Visiting Members




4.        Disclosures by Members and Officers




5.        Disclosures of Lobbying




6.        Report of the Director of Finance and Business Improvement - Medium Term Financial Strategy and Budget Proposals 2017/18

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