Appendix A: Draft Future Work Programme

Meeting Date

Agenda Deadline

Agenda Items

Details and Desired Outcomes

Witnesses and Report Authors

29th July

16th July

         Cabinet member priorities-written report

         Draft Commercialisation Strategy

Members would like cabinet member to provide a report highlighting priorities, and then to question him on this report.


Meeting will begin at 7.30pm.

         Cabinet member

         Marcus Lawler

26th August

13th August

         Events and festivals strategy

         Events review SCRAIP follow up

         Draft Scoping Document for Twilight Economy Review

These items will come together as requested by the committee during the work programming workshop at the meeting of 1st July because it was felt they were related.


Scoping document for Twilight Economy review for members to comment on.

         Laura Case

29th September

(re-arranged from the meeting of the 23rd September)

17th September

         Enterprise Hub proposals

Meeting re-arranged in order to provide an update on the proposals for the Enterprise Hub

         Karen Franek

21st October

8th October

Joint Meeting with Planning, Transport and Development Overview and Scrutiny Committee to consider the Employment Land Qualitative Report and the Economic Development Strategy.

Implications for the local plan, hence the joint meeting. Needs to take place before the Economic Development Strategy cabinet member decision is taken.


28th October

15th October

         First set of Witnesses for Twilight Economy review

         Formation of Maidstone Culture and Leisure


First set of witnesses for Twilight Economy Review.

         First witnesses for Twilight Economy Review, as specified in scoping document

         Laura Case

         Dawn Hudd

25th November

12th November

         Second set of witnesses for Twilight Economy Review

         Skills and Employability Update

         Commercial projects

Following the update on skills and employability projects the committee will consider whether it wishes to conduct a review on skills and employability.


Second set of witnesses for the Twilight Economy Review.


Business cases for commercial projects due for a cabinet member decision in January.


         Second set of witnesses for Twilight Economy Review

         Abi Lewis

         Karen Franek

         Marcus Lawler


23rd December

10th December

Draft Twilight Economy Review Report ready for comment by the Committee

Final changes to the Twilight Economy Review Report


27th January

14th January

Final Twilight Economy Review Report ready for sign off by the Committee.


Scoping document for the Skills and Employability Review for sign off by the Committee


First set of witnesses for Careers Guidance Review


Item on the interaction between Town Centre Visioning and the Night Time Economy

Agree members to present report to cabinet.



Agree scope for Skills and Employability Review.




To gather evidence for the review.


To investigate the difficulties of having a thriving Night Time Economy whilst at the same time encouraging more people to live in the Town Centre. To include the issue of outside PA systems.










Officers from KCC.



Officers from Economic Development and Environmental Enforcement. Representative from Town Centre Management/Night Time Economy Forum.

24th February

11th February

Second set of witnesses for Careers Guidance Review

To gather evidence for the review.


24th March

11th March

Third set of witnesses for Careers Guidance Review

To gather evidence for the review.


28th April

15th April

Careers Guidance Review Report

Full careers guidance review presented for final changes and sign off by the committee.



Suggestions TBC



Barriers and opportunities for rural business/IT infrastructure in offices (broadband)

These will be considered following scrutiny of the employment implications of the local plan in October.