150430 Draft Overview and Scrutiny Annual Report


Maidstone Borough Council


Scrutiny Coordinating Committee


Thursday 30 April 2015


Draft Overview and Scrutiny Annual report.


Report of: Orla Sweeney, Overview and Scrutiny Officer



1.††††† Introduction


1.1        The Scrutiny Coordinating Committee has responsibility for producing the Overview and Scrutiny Annual Report.


1.2        At its meeting on 11 March 2015 the Committee agreed the style and structure of the report.


2.†††† Recommendation


2.1        It is recommended that the Committee consider its draft report and recommendations, making amendments as appropriate.


2.2        That the Committee give delegated authority to the Chairman and Vice-Chairman to complete the draft report for submission to the appropriate body.


3.††††† Impact on Corporate Objectives


3.1†††† The Strategic Plan sets the Councilís key objectives for the medium † term and has a range of objectives which support the delivery of ††††††† the Councilís priorities.†


3.2†††† The Committee will consider reports that deliver against all the †††††††† Councilís priorities:


         Corporate and Customer Excellence;

         For Maidstone to have a growing economy; and

         For Maidstone to be a decent place to live.


4. †††† Relevant Documents


4.1†††† Draft Overview and Scrutiny Annual Report (Appendix A)

To follow


5.††††† Background Documents


5.1†††† None