13-1453 Urgent Update

Item 16, Page 4 - 15


Reference number: MA/13/1453



Land Off Clapper Lane, Staplehurst, Kent, TN12 0RB

Three additional neighbour objections have been received and are summarised as follows:


  • There is currently no access from the site onto Clapper Lane.
  • There is no legitimate reason to grant permission.
  • The application site is wet and boggy and is unsuitable for residential development.
  • The existing plots adjacent the site could accommodate the family.
  • The capacity of the sewerage system is inadequate.
  • The land is north of the railway line and not within the MBC residential plan. 
  • The council's failure to set aside appropriate land for gypsy sites is resulting in their need to approve such applications.
  • The council is not taking the views of the local residents seriously.


These issues have been fully assessed in the committee report.


The recommendation remains unchanged