501209_urgent update report

Item 13, Page 13


Reference number: 14/501209


Bridge Nursery, London Road, Maidstone, Kent

Additional condition and informative:


Kent County Council have requested an additional condition requiring the development to be built to accommodate modern telecommunications technology, and I therefore propose an additional condition as set out below:


“The development shall be carried out to allow for the provision of the installation of fixed telecommunication infrastructure (including high speed fibre optic [minimum speed of 100mb] connections) to all dwellings hereby permitted;


Reason: to prevent visual harm and allow delivery of high quality communications networks within communities.”


Informatives previously imposed by Planning Committee suggesting that monitoring of conditions be undertaken by way of a monitoring group made up of Ward Members and Councillor Harwood, and that discussions be entered into between the applicant and the Local Authority in relation to the delivery of pedestrian access between the development and the existing development to the south east of the site were omitted from the recommendation on the papers; as such I propose the following additional informatives:


“The applicant is advised to contact the Local Planning Authority to discuss the requirements under condition 3 relating to boundary treatment prior to submission, in order that regard be had to the informal pedestrian access between the proposed site and residential development to the south east.


Local ward members and Cllr Harwood will act as a monitoring committee in order to monitor the discharge of conditions.”



Subject to the amendments set out above, my recommendation remains unchanged.